DCF conceptualized and created a multi-platform social game for BBC America’s Orphan Black, a science fiction television series about genetically identical individuals who were planted in unsuspecting birth parents and nurtured in a variety of environments.


Engage fans with interactive social media mystery game that spans across several social platforms and builds anticipation for the season three premiere of Orphan Black.


Embarking on a mission to help Sarah Manning find additional clones, players searched for clues using the hashtag #FindOrphanBlack on various social sites. DCF prepared a script specifically for the game and created GIFs, Vines and video clips that were unveiled each week with a clue. If fans gathered 4 out of the 6 clues, they could unlock the first 10 minutes of the season premiere.


The social campaign successfully engaged fans and increased buzz for the season premiere.
The series renewal for a 4th season was largely influenced by its online presence and dedicated fan base
The game drove a significant bump in activity across Orphan Black’s social channels.